December 16, 2014 (Mission, KS) – PacificAg, the country’s largest and most experienced biomass harvest company in the country, is seeking High Plains corn growers to participate in a residue management pilot program. PacificAg continues to bring agricultural innovations to the forefront and as a result the need for harvested biomass is growing. A growing industry brings a greater need to understand the benefits and challenges with residue management and the company is preparing to launch a balanced residue management research program that studies the impact of various tilling and removal techniques on soil health.

“The goal of our pilot program is to continue to learn how various amounts of residue removal affects soil health,” explains PacificAg’s Kari Bryant. “The program will give us more information about how moisture retention, carbon retention and soil health are affected by different biomass harvesting methods.”

The company is seeking corn-on-corn growers who live within a 100-mile radius of Hugoton, Kansas. While tilling practices will not affect the program, PacificAg will ultimately support no-till and strip till practices, but those who till conventionally will also provide valuable data. Growers will need to provide soil samples before and after 2015 planting and harvest and also allow PacificAg to collect treatment data including fertility treatments, moisture data, location, and tillage practices.

PacificAg requests growers dedicate 120 acres (or a quarter section circle), split into two treatments with varying replications on each half.

“The data the growers collect for us will help our company, as well as growers, better understand how balanced residue removal affects input costs and fertility treatments,” says Bryant. “We expect costs in both of these areas to go down. Couple this with residue payments and a grower has a very real way to add to his bottom-line and improve soil health simultaneously.”

Growers interested in participating in the residue management pilot program should contact Kari Bryant at 806-632-0787 or All participating growers will have access to all the program data as well as local PacificAg biomass experts.

About PacificAg
Founded in 1998, Pacific Ag serves the hay and crop residue harvest needs for 100’s of growers in multiple regions of US. Matching grower needs to responsive harvest capabilities, Pacific Ag builds and operates sustainable supply chains to meet the demand for two growing global markets: the creation of bioenergy, cellulosic biofuels, bio-based chemicals and other bio-based products and the supply of forage crops for animal protein markets. Helping to unlock value with growers and providing a stable, predictable market demand has created long term supply relationships. Pacific Ag is the industry leader in large-scale agricultural feedstock supply chain development and operation. For more information, visit