img_5824NORTH CAROLINA—Pacific Ag finishes the second year of wheat straw harvest in the North Carolina region. Eddie Rowe, General Manger of the East Coast Division, reflects back on another successful year for farmers and prepares for exciting future.

Rowe said, “Farmers were really excited that we were here” during the harvest cycle. Residue management is an important aspect for farmers who chose to partner with Pacific Ag. Rowe explains that most clients are double cropping and need a well-balanced residue standard. During a typical season, growers would burn the leftover wheat byproduct but this year growers were surprised by earning from $12 to $20 per acre depending on the straw yield. The new revenue stream, provided by baling wheat straw, is a great way for growers to supplement their income describes Rowe. Pacfic Ag will pay North Carolina growers nearly $150,000 total and add them to the increasing list of nationwide farmer parternships.

The interest surrounding “cash for residue” has spread across the county and Eddie is already fielding calls for next year’s harvest; growers are hoping to take advantage of their excess waste by signing up their fields for the 2016 harvest calendar. Currently, the operation for the 2016 season is already expected to grow by at least 300%.

Rowe, who joined the company last year, manages a family farm operation in addition to his role at Pacific Ag. He has more than two decades of experience with custom baling, acting as both a harvester and marketer. Last year, while running behind on his own personal harvest, Rowe contacted Pacific Ag to lend an extra hand. After leveraging the expert service and unrivaled partnership, Rowe decided to join the company because as he said, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Since joining this year, Rowe worked with 14 producers to harvest nearly 10,000 tons of wheat straw. With a team of 14 people running a fleet of seven balers and four stackers, the harvest lasted 20 days from June 8th to June 28th. For more information about our services or to learn how we can add to your bottom line contact the team.