With a growing national footprint, Pacific Ag has officially entered into its 9th state of operation, while joining the farmers of the Rough Rider state—North Dakota. Clear skies and fertile soil define the landscape of the 2015 wheat straw harvest. From Grand Forks down to Fargo, wheat farmers of the Red River Valley are experiencing the benefits of a crop residue harvest.

img_5572Only in the first week of harvest, Pacific Ag has already signed 20,000 thousand acres with an expected 30,000 by the end of the month long harvest. Nate Daniels (left), general manger for the North Dakota region, says growers have been “very impressed” and are “loving” their first experience with a wheat straw harvest and marketing company. Many of the growers have never worked with a company like Pacific Ag that handles the entire process from baling to stacking to marketing. With nearly 18 years of experience and an existing harvest infrastructure, the process really simplifies the grower’s job in terms of time and effort explains Daniels.

Inventory Manager Joe Lawler (right), is signing up an average of 200 new acres per day because of the popularity surrounding this new venture. With low wheat prices, growers have been looking to supplement their income with additional revenue. In addition to the $10-20 per ton that Pacific Ag is paying growers, they also enjoy the added benefits of less tilling with fewer passes per acre. The situation for North Dakota growers is a win on all fronts, which has created a word of mouth hype that has everybody talking.

part_1438800576002_20150805_133643Daniels is happy to see so many positive reviews stemming from the North Dakota harvest and says the team is proud to be working too. Currently, the team is 16 people strong but will soon grow to an estimated 25 personal with 9 balers and acoompanying equipment working full time. Daniels is confident that the mere 20,000 acres contracted today, will easily grow to 100,000 acres by the 2017 summer harvest. As for now, the wheat straw that Pacific Ag is harvesting will service mushroom farms, erosion blanket production, and dairy farms throughout Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

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