unknownAfter announcing our first round of venture capital investment, many of our customers will be curious to see how Pacific Ag will manage new growth while maintaining our tradition of strong relationships with our growers.

It’s no secret that it takes a skilled team to manage our increasing national footprint. Hundreds of thousands of harvested acres lead to hundreds of thousands of bales, which must be tracked, shipped, and marketed. The whole process would be overwhleming without the proprietary software that powers Pacific Ag.

Internal computing power makes growth of a higher magnitude possible for us. Our in-house proprietary software, Powerstock Pro™ (see screen shot below), is run from our headquarters in Oregon. The software manages everything from grower contracting, field mapping, and resource deployment to invoice creation, inventory tracking and a suite of reporting tools. Harvest mangers have full access to the database, and with one click, they can view detailed maps of a specific region and see a plotted chart of Pacific Ag fields and stacks (as shown in the screen shot). Moreover, team members can easily track acres harvested and bales produced on a daily basis and generate in-depth reporting.

Nate Daniels, our North Dakota GM, likes Powerstock Pro because it provides him more control over running day-to-day operations. Daniels joined Pacific Ag after working with a baling company, and describes the improvement in operational procedure as a night-and-day difference, thanks to Powerstock Pro.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Powerstock Pro is ensuring growers receive excellent service as promised. CEO Bill Levy is always quick to point out, “the single biggest factor in keeping growers happy is doing what you say you’re going to do.” The software platform has proven very reliable, and supports a national network of over 600 growers.

While Powerstock Pro is effective in connecting different areas of company operations, it serves our growers too, ensuring accurate reporting and prompt payment for their residue harvest.

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