HERMISTON, Ore. (October 22, 2015) — Bill Levy, CEO and Founder of Pacific Ag, the nation’s largest crop residue supply company, today received one of five Distinguished Alumni Luminary Awards presented by Oregon State University (OSU).

The Distinguished Alumni Awards, which are hosted by the College of Agricultural Sciences of Oregon State University, are designed to publicly acknowledge the accomplishments of outstanding alumni. The Luminary Award in particular is given to an individual who has made early career and community contributions that clearly identify him as a future leader. The award was presented to Levy at the Dean’s Dinner on the OSU campus.

Since receiving his Bachelor of Science in agricultural economics from Oregon State University, Levy has led Pacific Ag to be the largest agricultural residue and forage harvesting company in North America, serving domestic as well as Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Founded in 1998, Pacific Ag is the nation’s largest biomass supply chain management provider. The company develops and operates commercial-scale supply chains for crop residue and hay products and offers a set of supply chain services for developers and market participants that need a dedicated feedstock supply chain.

Pacific Ag’s customers include the largest cellulosic bio-­‐refineries in the U.S., the largest forage importers in Asia and the Middle East, numerous cattle and dairy operations in the U.S., and a growing number of companies in the mushroom composting and erosion control product technologies.

More information about the five winners of the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences Awards is available in this video.

About Pacific Ag
Matching grower needs to responsive harvest capabilities since its founding in 1998, Pacific Ag has become the nation’s largest builder and operator of sustainable supply chains to meet the demand for forage crops for beef and dairy markets, for mushroom and erosion control markets, and for the production of cellulosic biofuels and bio-­‐based chemicals. The company owns and operates the single largest fleet of biomass harvesting equipment in the U.S. Its proprietary PowerStock Pro™ supply chain management system provides a turnkey tool for managing every aspect of the complex feedstock supply chain from grower contracts to GIS-­‐enabled field mapping to equipment deployment, harvest results and inventory management. More information is available at www.PacificAg.com.

Media Contact:
John Williams, Scoville PR for Pacific Ag
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