img_0371-r1Pacific Ag owns and operates the largest fleet of biomass harvesting equipment in North America, and close working relationships with our equipment manufacturers mean a better experience for our customers.

Our manufacturing process involves hundreds of thousands of acres on which harvested crop residue is field-densified into half-ton bales. The bales are stacked and stored before being shipped to diverse end markets—from domestic and export animal forage, to bioenergy, to mushroom production. This process happens outdoors and is scattered across eight states. Our equipment is critically important, as is the support provided by our equipment suppliers.

As the leading crop residue harvesting company, we’ve gained purchasing power that lowers our equipment costs. We’re also able to share operational insights that have the capacity to improve future equipment design and operation. No one company processes more acres or product with these machines, and our requirements for productivity and efficiency translate directly to customer benefit, as well as a stronger competitive position for Pacific Ag.

Pacific Ag recently initiated a new equipment relationship by purchasing 12 large square balers from Krone North America, a leading hay and forage equipment manufacturer. In mid-October 2015, senior management and operations personnel from both companies met at Krone headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee to discuss the product, program, and plan for supply and support.

The scale of the Pacific Ag fleet allows us to be responsive to the needs of our growers and end-use customers, both large and small. It also fosters a very close and collaborative relationship with our equipment manufacturers—some of which rank Pacific Ag as their largest customer.

Pacific Ag provides sustainable crop residue management services to growers, while supplying a biomass product to meet the demands of diverse end-use market customers. 

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