carrieSitting at the conference table gazing at the ceiling for her thoughts, Carrie Koeing says there isn’t much people don’t know about her. “I’m an open book,” she adds. For Carrie, being in the spotlight is more of a chore than a highlight. She feels more comfortable working behind the scenes. However, Carrie is still an essential member of the Pacific Ag family.

Carrie, a Pacific Northwest native, has worked for Pacific Ag nearly 6 years this February. When she isn’t working in the office, you’ll find her outside enjoying scenic beauty in Idaho’s mountain regions. Boating, four wheeling, and camping are just a few of the ways she likes to spend time with friends and family. She finds the outdoors to be calming and a peaceful escape from the inescapable day-to-day routines we all live by.

At home, Carrie is a single mom who loves to cook. She describes her daughter as “absolutely amazing” and enjoys the challenges associated with raising a teenager about to graduate from high school. As an avid culinary cook, she loves to experiment with new recipes and anything that looks good. It’s no surprise to hear she is a popular mom among her daughter’s friends, especially when they can order homemade macaroni and cheese or nearly anything else on the menu.

When Carrie is not outside or at home, she is probably at the office managing the infinite number of responsibilities that cross her desk. Even though Carrie never set out to work for an agricultural company, she took the position with Pacific Ag as a way to change from her previous years in the food and beverage industry. She entered the company operating payroll and accounts payable and now manages much of the operation behind the Western Region office. Carrie takes pride in knowing she is needed in her position. Among the daily chaos that comes from a rapidly growing company, her motivation comes from her co-workers’ sense of appreciation and her ability to be a “fixer.” Carrie’s effort on the Pacific Ag team was recognized when she won the “Straw Dog” award in late 2015. The award, based on Nike’s “Shoe Dog” award, recognizes readiness, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Despite her self-described “simple” life, Carrie’s passion for friends, family, and professional life transcends any conceivable award title. She may argue her life is not as exciting because she doesn’t go on fancy vacations or have big stories to tell. Yet anyone who is privileged to call her mom, friend, or co-worker would say she is a fun and intelligent women who is an fundamental part of the community.