Farmers can gain a competitive edge through reduced tillage costs and additional revenue from residue management

HUGOTON, Kan. (June 1, 2016) — Pacific Ag, which operates the nation’s largest crop residue supply chain, is once again working with wheat growers across the High Plains to harvest crop residue. This practice helps growers reduce costs for tillage, improve overall soil health, generate additional income from their land, and meet next crop planting timelines efficiently.

With stronger looking stands this spring so far and the recent moisture, Pacific Ag’s Balanced Residue Management™ program offers growers ideal residue levels left on their fields after partial straw removal. Whether producers are seeking a lighter residue level to enable immediate, direct seeding of the next crop in their rotation or a heavier residue amount that matches a different cropping plan, Pacific Ag offers several options.

“During the past several years we’ve been proud to work closely with our local growers, field by field, to leave them the right field conditions for their individual field and cropping needs,” said Courtney Wilson, Pacific Ag General Manager. “We’re seeing strong demand for straw in the market in this region, as well as in the Upper Midwest and East Coast and we’re continuing to look for growers.”

Pacific Ag is the nation’s largest builder and operator of supply chains for agricultural residue. For the past several years, Pacific Ag has worked in the High Plains region of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to develop a supply chain based on the region’s wealth of corn and wheat growers. The company has developed trusted relationships with hundreds of growers representing a significant and steady supply of residue including dairies and feedyards, mushroom compost and erosion control industries and North American biorefineries.

Pacific Ag has been focused on residue harvests behind combines in wheat, corn, and grass seed crops resulting in extensive in-field experience, which they use to help growers make individual, season-specific decisions about residue removal. Growers interested in ways to increase income from sustainable residue harvesting can contact Pacific Ag at 1-844-RESIDUE or visit

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Matching grower needs to responsive harvest capabilities since its founding in 1998, Pacific Ag has become the nation’s largest builder and operator of sustainable supply chains to meet the demand for forage crops for beef and dairy markets, for mushroom and erosion control markets, and for the production of cellulosic biofuels and bio-based chemicals. The company owns and operates the single largest fleet of biomass harvesting equipment in the U.S. Its proprietary PowerStock Pro™ supply chain management system provides a turnkey tool for managing every aspect of the complex feedstock supply chain from grower contracts to GIS-enabled field mapping to equipment deployment, harvest results and inventory management. More information is available at

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