calaway-kerry-bonnieWhen Pacific Ag bought Calagri in June, it gained more than a harvest company and expanded supply and market reach. With the acquisition came approximately 30 fulltime employees, as well as Calagri co-owner Kerry Calaway.

“(Pacific Ag CEO) Bill Levy and I met 18 years ago on a baling project,” Kerry said. “Ever since, we’ve talked about markets, strategized, and even traded equipment occasionally. We’d been talking about working together for a long time, and this was the right time to do it. We were both ready, and it just made sense.”

Kerry grew up on a family farm, and has been part of the hay and forage industry since he was 12 years old. He started his own 3-tie baling operation after he finished school and began supplying to his brother who was doing custom baling. Kerry continued baling on the side while he later went to work with a Japanese company as the general manager of hay cubing, and learned more about the export business. In 2000, Kerry left the Japanese firm and went to work with his brother at Calaway Trading, buying and selling hay. The two officially merged their individual interests in 2012 to create Calagri, a harvest and supply company.

Calagri began harvesting grass straw and alfalfa, and got into the crop residue business to maximize equipment utilization. The business model is very similar to that of Pacific Ag. The company’s market area includes Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Kerry’s role will be relatively unchanged with Pacific Ag’s acquisition of Calagri. “I’ll be working with Bill and the executive team and we’ll be analyzing different things,” he said. “And we’ll definitely be expanding our volume.”

Kerry lives in Pasco, Washington with his wife and their youngest child who is attending high school. They have two children in college and one on a mission trip in the Philippines.

When he’s not working (“And that would be when?” he said, jokingly), Kerry enjoys skiing, snowmobiling and water sports, including boating and wakeboarding. He likes to travel with his wife, and gives a great deal of service time to his church.

Pictured: Bonnie and Kerry Calaway