Linda Spain is a dispatcher/broker for Pacific Ag Logistics, based at the Pacific Ag North Carolina office. She’s been with the company since March 2016.

Linda brings more than 25 years of transportation experience to her position, but notes that this was her first foray into agriculture. “I was accustomed to dispatching from fixed dock locations for pick up—locations with an address,” she explained. “Now, I’m dispatching to a field with no more geographic identification than a zip code and coordinates.” Rain can interfere with pickups too, she said. After decades working with manufactured goods, it’s just one more twist to her role with Pacific Ag Logistics.

Before joining our team, Linda worked as a logistics supervisor for another company. “Transportation wasn’t anything I set out to do,” she said. “The draw for me is that it’s a puzzle to be solved—trying to match loads to equipment to customers, all with different needs. I may be talking to a farmer one minute, and a software engineer the next. It makes me part of the supply chain, and I enjoy the service aspect of that,” she said.

Linda’s transportation expertise has helped move coffee, plastics, rubber products, air filtration products, and now agricultural products. “Ag is by far my favorite commodity,” she said. “We’re using the leftovers (crop residue) like a good hunter would. We’re harvesting it and getting it to someone who can make it into something else. It’s a sustainable practice and good for the environment,” she added.

Before settling in North Carolina, where Linda has spent the past 11 years, she lived in Florida (where she was born), and spent four years on a 20-acre farm in West Virginia. “None of us could sleep for a month because it was so quiet there,” she said.

Linda has two adult children, and has been married to her best friend for the past 10 years. In accordance with her problem-solving nature, she starts each day with a crossword puzzle, and relaxes on weekends by playing Scrabble with her husband.