blake-borgenBlake Borgen is the production manager for Pacific Ag’s Upper Midwest region. His primary role is to serve as the liaison between farmers and the Pacific Ag crew. “I line up the acres for the crews to bale,” he said. “I get our crews out to the right places, and make sure they have their fuel, oil, grease and twine,” he explained. “I spend a lot of time on the phone, talking with farmers and contracting.”

Blake is a cousin of Tom Borgen (also with Pacific Ag) and both grew up in the wheat straw business. “I’ve been doing this type of work for more than twelve years,” Blake said. “With Pacific Ag, it’s just on an entirely different scale,” he added.

“There are so many different things to do, and every day is different,” Blake said. “The variety keeps my interest, and I enjoy the ag aspect of it.”

Blake is married, and has three children and five grandchildren. They enjoy spending time at their lake cabin, as well as at the racetrack (the family has been involved in car racing for 15 years). “We build cars from the frame up,” he said. “I’m retired from racing now, but my son still does it. All they let me do now is give rides to people,” he joked.

Blake lives in Perley, Minnesota, where he was born and raised. Population 92.