A ‘straw’pportunity

With projections indicating as much as 20 percent less wheat straw came off fields this year, Pacific Ag is situating itself to fill the void in the Midwest this year and for years to come. “At $85 per ton, wheat straw prices already are spiking,” said Randy Kath, Steffes Group auctioneer. “Prices will continue to climb [...]

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Meet office manager Debra Bedford

Debra Bedford joined Pacific Ag in June 2015 for what she thought would be three to four weeks processing paperwork and auditing stacks during the busy harvest season for North Carolina’s general manager Eddie Rowe. “I must have made an impression because six months later, I was still there, transitioned to full-time, and also started [...]

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Rainy harvest season lowers wheat straw projections

Reduced acreage, coupled with challenging weather, hampers wheat straw supplies available to dairies Georgetown, Minn. – Oct. 3, 2016 – Early-season dry weather paired with late-season rains in the Upper Midwest and High Plains is expected to trim wheat straw production by at least 20 percent this fall. Experts advise dairy producers to expect increasing [...]

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