debra-bedfordDebra Bedford joined Pacific Ag in June 2015 for what she thought would be three to four weeks processing paperwork and auditing stacks during the busy harvest season for North Carolina’s general manager Eddie Rowe. “I must have made an impression because six months later, I was still there, transitioned to full-time, and also started doing billing for Pacific Ag Logistics,” she said. Today, she’s managing the North Carolina office, where she’s responsible for invoicing for Pacific Ag’s Eastern Business Unit, as well as processing freight invoices for Pacific Ag Logistics.

“It’s always something different,” Debra said, when asked what she enjoys most about her work. “There’s a constant shift between the two companies and my role with each of them.”

Prior to Debra’s hire, there was not a position like the one she has now, so she’s been able to play a role in defining that position, as well as refining internal processes related to her responsibilities. It’s an intellectual challenge she welcomes. She has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from East Carolina University.

Outside of work, Debra enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She has two children still at home, a boy and a girl, and both play baseball on traveling teams. She’s married and marked her 18-year anniversary in August 2016.