Kipp Curtis grew up in Pendleton and made it his goal to work in agriculture. After he earned a college degree in environmental science, he did research for other companies, including Bayer Crop Sciences. He also raised Angus bulls on a ranch he managed outside of Hermiston.

Kipp came to Pacific Ag in 2011 as ‘an acre guy.’ “My job was to go find acres, sign them up and then manage grower/client contacts,” he explained. He went into operations before the end of his first season, and today is the general manager and operations manager for Pacific Ag’s Western Business Unit, which includes all activities in the Pacific Northwest and California.

Kipp’s skills encompass the rare combination of logistics and operational capabilities (as well as fixing equipment) along with the communication and analytical abilities that his formal education conveyed.

“I like that it’s never the same thing two days in a row,” Kipp said of his work at Pacific Ag. “It’s fast-paced and ever-changing—there’s always something new,” he added. Kipp notes that he also enjoys the great people he is fortunate to work with.

Kipp lives in Pendleton, Oregon with his wife and two young children. When he’s not working or busy doing something else (which he admits is rare), he likes to spend his free time in the great outdoors hunting and fishing.