Noe Pareja went to work with Kerry Calaway in 2002, and has been part of the Calagri team ever since. Calagri is now a division of Pacific Ag, but Noe’s role as a production manager continues unchanged: he is responsible “for a little bit of everything.”

“I get the harvest equipment dialed in, and make sure we have the right crops and acres to harvest at the right time. Then, to make sure we get the quality we need we have to make sure we get the right moisture in the bale,” he explained.

Noe and his crew work primarily in the Royal City, Washington area, and travel to farms in Benton City, Burbank, Plymouth, Moses Lake and Odessa, among others. Swathing crop residue is a major component of their work.

Before becoming a production manager, Noe managed the Calagri shop in Pasco, where he did machinery maintenance and repair. “I grew up on a farm—it’s what I know to do,” Noe said.

Noe described the work environment as one of the things he likes most about his job. “We communicate with each other to be efficient, and we work together to get things done,” he added.

Outside of work, Noe enjoys spending time with his family.