Each year, Pacific Ag recognizes two employees with its Straw Dog award. The award goes to those who live by the three Rs that make Pacific Ag successful: they are ready, resilient and resourceful.

Courtney Riddle, responsible for accounts payable and admin, earned the Straw Dog for her outstanding performance as the front-line contact for people who call or visit the Pacific Ag office in Hermiston. “I’ve received so many compliments about Courtney,” said supervisor Carrie Koenig. “She just has a way of making the person she is working with feel important. She is also a very good communicator, so that makes her even more valuable,” Carrie said. “And when difficult issues arise, she doesn’t avoid those conversations. She keeps the lines of communication open and comfortable, and that makes for better relationships,” Carrie added.

Joe Augustine, production supervisor, also earned the Straw Dog for his work over the past year. “Joe exemplifies what has made Pacific Ag an industry leader,” said General Manager Kipp Curtis. “He shows up early, stays until the job is done, and always holds himself and his crew to the highest standard of quality,” Kipp added. “Joe has become a leader among our harvest managers, and fosters a learning environment that develops strong operators—some of whom have moved into management positions themselves. Having employees like Joe made 2017 a great year, and his impact will continue to pay dividends at Pacific Ag.”

Congratulations to Courtney and to Joe for setting the bar high, for consistently providing exemplary performance, and for always being ready, resilient and resourceful.