Our People

Steve Van Mouwerik
Steve Van MouwerikVice-president, Operations
As vice-president of supply, Steve continues to define the critical tool kit for scaling large commercial Supply ShedsTM. This is the type of science and alchemy for which Steve is uniquely qualified. Steve brings twenty three years of agricultural residue animal forage aggregation, processing and export experience leading the largest processor and exporter of the 600,000-ton annual Oregon grass straw industry serving beef and dairy markets in Japan and Korea. Steve’s sustained success in meeting customers’ strict specifications required a strong expertise with long term grower relations, harvest planning and management, pricing, storage infrastructure development, material handling, processing plant management and year-round order fulfillment. Over the years Steve has served on multiple boards including the National Hay Association’s Export Processors Council and president of the Oregon Agricultural Fiber Association. Steve currently serves as the chair of the Oregon State Board of Agriculture. Steve earned an MA from the University of Pennsylvania and his BA from Lewis and Clark College.