Wheat Straw for Dairies

Pacific Ag wheat straw—better, cheaper, always available

For nearly two decades, Pacific Ag has been a supplier of baled wheat straw to some of the largest dairies in the Pacific Northwest, including Columbia River Dairy. Today, we are harvesting and building wheat straw supply in multiple regions to meet the feed and bedding needs of dairies in the greater High Plains region and the Upper Midwest.

Our customers’ reliance on Pacific Ag has been driven by our consistent, large-scale supply, fixed pricing (multi-year contracts available) and strict adherence to product specifications. By controlling the harvest all the way to the delivery of large volumes of straw from multiple regions, Pacific Ag can limit risks associated with supply and cost, while meeting the straw specifications for length, aging, moisture and low ash.

Pacific Ag Wheat Straw Supply


Year-round supply from multiple geographies


Fixed priced, multi-year contracts


Controlling the harvest allows control of quality


We can trace product to a given farmer’s field


Leaving the right amount of residue for soil productivity

In the Upper Midwest, call Tom and Stephanie Borgen 218.790.4494
In the High Plains, call Brook Holstein 620.214.0655