Developing Supply

The Comprehensive Solution

For developers of commercial bioconversion or bioprocessing facilities seeking a dedicated agricultural residue or other ag biomass feedstock supply, Pacific Ag has a multi-stage, comprehensive solution: the PowerStock SolutionTM.

  • Assessment and feasibility: our geo-spatial modeling tool identifies sustainable low-cost feedstock locations, provides feedstock feasibility, risk assessments and cost modeling to support project development and financing efforts.
  • Supply chain development and scaling: Our tailored and effective approach to grower contracting and harvesting begins with a demonstration harvest to solidify modeled costs to a multi-year scaled contracting and harvesting process, leading to full commercial operation.
  • Long-term operation: Pacific Ag offers performance-based long-term supply and operations agreements that can include all harvest, storage, transportation and delivery functions.
  • Management system: With long-term agreements, Pacific Ag offers use of our own PowerStock ProTM supply chain management system that combines grower contracting, relationship management, equipment operations, and inventory management in one system.

We’re the ideal partner

  • Experience: millions of tons of commercial supply chain development and operations experience
  • Equipment: the nation’s largest owned and operated fleet of harvesting equipment
  • Growers: over 600 grower relationships from operating a national footprint and the lessons learned
  • Comprehensive solution: the PowerStock Solution—a multi-step ag biomass supply chain development approach
  • The support system: PowerStock Pro—a proprietary and time-tested supply chain management system


For bioconversion and bioprocessing markets–whether it is for biofuels, biochemicals or tree-free pulp for paper packaging and building materials–Pacific Ag can partner with you to develop a dedicated supply chain that provides many benefits:

Because of our size and experience, we offer more certainty regarding cost, availability and quality of agricultural biomass material.
You can work with one supply chain company, Pacific Ag, and gain access to the largest grower network for agricultural biomass in the country.
There’s no need to purchase, maintain and transport your own harvesting equipment. We own and operate the largest fleet of agricultural biomass harvesting equipment in the country.
There’s no need to manage contracting, harvesting, collection, storage or transportation of material—we do it all for you.

To learn more, call Harrison Pettit, 541.567.3610