Erosion Control Product Manufacturers

Pacific Ag straw—better, cheaper, always available

One of the fastest-growing segments of the erosion control industry is blanket and wattle manufacturing. These open-weave erosion control products are filled with straw and have many desirable, environmentally-friendly attributes in controlling soil erosion at a construction site.

Since early 2015, Pacific Ag has become a major supplier of wheat straw to the companies that manufacture these blankets and wattles across the US. Our growth as a supplier is directly related to having developed straw supply in most of the major wheat-straw-growing regions of the country.

Our customers’ reliance on Pacific Ag has been driven by our consistent, large-scale supply, fixed pricing (multi-year contracts available) and strict adherence to product specifications. By controlling the harvest all the way to the delivery of large volumes of straw from multiple regions, Pacific Ag can limit risks associated with supply and cost, while meeting the straw specifications for length, aging, moisture and low ash.

Pacific Ag Straw Supply


Year-round supply from multiple geographies


Fixed priced, multi-year contracts


Controlling the harvest allows control of quality


We can trace product to a given farmer’s field


Leaving the right amount of residue for soil productivity

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