Exporting Hay and Crop Residue

Pacific Ag has been harvesting and exporting hay and straw forage since 1998

Over that time, the company and its network of growers have expanded to become one of the largest US providers of baled forage products to the Far East markets of Japan, South Korea and China, and Middle East markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Our customers’ reliance on Pacific Ag has been earned by our consistent, large-scale supply, fixed pricing (multi-year contracts available) and strict adherence to product specifications

By controlling the harvest all the way to the delivery of large volumes of alfalfa and grass hay and straw, Pacific Ag sets the mark for its customers to enjoy reliable supplies and quality.

With global demand for animal protein projected to rise 72 percent (over 1999 levels) by the year 2030, demand for hay and crop residue forage from the livestock feed markets will continue to increase

Pacific Ag’s exports are helping to feed this livestock, with increasing demand translating to a stable growing market for hay and crop residue forage. 

Pacific Ag Export Forage Supply


Year-round supply from multiple geographies


Fixed priced, multi-year contracts


Controlling the harvest allows control of quality


We can trace product to a given farmer’s field


Leaving the right amount of residue for soil productivity

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