Pacific Ag corn stover—better, cheaper, always available

Pacific Ag has been harvesting and supplying crop residues to animal protein markets since 1998, and today we’re the nation’s largest crop residue harvest and supply company. No volume is too large or too small, and because of our national footprint and multiple supply areas, especially in the High Plains region, we will always have baled and ground corn stover available.

Our growth has been driven by our consistent, large-scale supply, fixed pricing (multi-year contracts available) and strict adherence to product specifications

By controlling the harvest all the way to the delivery of large volumes of corn stover, Pacific Ag can limit risks associated with supply and cost, while meeting the specifications for clean material.

Don’t pay for dirt when you can be saving money. Most baled or ground corn stover contains at least 20 percent ash or dirt. Pacific Ag guarantees a maximum of 13 percent ash or dirt content.

Pacific Ag Corn Stover Supply


Year-round supply from multiple geographies


Fixed priced, multi-year contracts


Controlling the harvest allows control of quality


We can trace product to a given farmer’s field


Leaving the right amount of residue for soil productivity

To learn more, call Brook Holstein, 620.214.0655