Our People: Everyone

Corporate Office

Bill Levy
Bill LevyPresident/CEO
Steve Van Mouwerik
Steve Van MouwerikVice-president, Operations
Harrison Pettit
Harrison PettitVice-president, Sales and Business Development
Sam Taylor
Sam TaylorVice-president, Finance
Rod Phelan
Rod PhelanHarvest Specialist
Alan Kessler
Alan KesslerController
Jessica Davis
Jessica DavisDirector of HR/Safety
Carrie Welch
Carrie WelchBusiness Administrator
Ketra Stumpf
Ketra StumpfAdministrative Assistant

Western Business Unit

Kerry Calaway
Kerry CalawayPresident, General Manager, Operations
Kipp Curtis
Kipp CurtisGeneral Manager and Operations Manager
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel GutierrezProduction Manager
Noe Pareja
Noe ParejaProduction Manager
Rene Placencia
Rene PlacenciaProduction Manager
Joe Augustine
Joe AugustineProduction Supervisor
Daniel Sloan
Daniel SloanCarriers Manager
Jack Shaw
Jack ShawGrower Relations
Charles Martin
Charles MartinGrower Relationships and Supply Manager
Steven Delahunt
Steven Delahunt
Bobby Johns
Bobby Johns
Courtney Riddle
Courtney RiddleAP and Admin
Nellie Riddle
Nellie RiddleOrder Management Administrator, Payroll, HR
Lori Sherrow
Lori SherrowInventory Control and Accounting Admin

Eastern Business Unit – High Plains Division

Zac Acock
Zac AcockEastern Business Unit General Manager
Rogelio Chavez
Rogelio ChavezProduction Manager
Jeff Copley
Jeff CopleyProduction Manager
Mercedes Flores
Mercedes FloresProduction Manager
Courtney Wilson
Courtney WilsonProduction Manager
Juan Armendariz
Juan ArmendarizProduction Supervisor
Anton Abitong
Anton AbitongOffice Manager

Eastern Business Unit – Upper Midwest Division

Tom Borgen
Tom BorgenCo-General Manager and Operations Manager
Stephanie Borgen
Stephanie BorgenCo-General Manager, Sales Manager and Dairy Sector Sales Specialist
Josh Kuglin
Josh KuglinLoader Operator
Pat Stoskopf
Pat StoskopfLoader Operator
Andy Teal
Andy TealLoader Operator
Bill Maker
Bill MakerLogistics
Taylor Maker
Taylor MakerAdministrative Assistant

Eastern Business Unit – Eastern Division

Eddie Rowe
Eddie RoweGeneral Manager and Sales Manager
Debra Bedford
Debra BedfordOffice Manager and Order Management Administrator