Why Pacific Ag?

Pacific Ag is the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive agricultural biomass supply chain solutions, and we serve two primary customers: individual growers whose crop residue we remove after harvest, and the markets that rely on that residue to supply their own feed or manufacturing production requirements.

We’ve been in the industry since 1998, and while we’ve grown significantly since then, we conduct our business the same way we always have—working one-on-one with our customers, whether on the grower side or the market side, and focusing on long term relationships over short term deals.

Grower benefits

Harvesting excess crop residue generates additional net income for the grower.
Pacific Ag provides ready demand for product, without the grower having to market it or deliver it.
We work one-on-one with growers to determine the right amount of residue to leave on the field to support long-term soil health and to integrate the residue harvest with their field preparation timeline.
We operate the largest fleet of biomass harvesting equipment in the U.S., ensuring availability of equipment to meet grower requirements and schedules.

We operate Pacific Ag Logistics that steps in once the harvest is complete, (utilizing our PowerStock Pro supply chain system) to efficiently move the field stock product from the field’s edge to our market destinations.

Buyer benefits

Working with Pacific Ag means having a single point of contact and accountability for the feedstock supply chain.
As the largest biomass harvesting and supply company in the U.S., our scale drives lower costs, and by moving our equipment and operators around the country, our year ’round harvesting means we are always trained and ready.
Because we conduct the harvest and manage all of the logistics, we’re able to ensure consistent quantity, quality and cost for our customers. Likewise, we can also trace our product back to the exact field from which it was harvested.
For industrial projects requiring a dedicated feedstock supply, we can provide a series of supply chain development services including identifying the lowest cost feedstock supply, feedstock feasibility and risk assessments, as well as the development and operation of large scale supply chains once a site has been selected.
PowerStock ProTM combines grower contracting, relationship management, equipment operations, inventory storage and management, along with a full suite of reporting capabilities both for grower and end-use customers.

We operate Pacific Ag Logistics in tandem with our harvesting business to ensure a reliable, and least-cost delivery.

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