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We work one-on-one with each grower to develop a field-by-field, sustainable residue management plan that improves return per acre while maintaining the long-term productivity of the soil. This plan is customized to the grower’s needs and timing.


We develop and operate commercial-scale crop residue and hay forage supply chains. These supply chains serve export and domestic animal protein markets including feedlots and dairies, and support commercial mushroom production and erosion control products.


We are at the beginning of a new industrial revolution to decarbonize our economy by replacing fossil fuel inputs with renewable farm feedstocks. Backed by Pacific Ag's harvest and supply capability, we're building best-in-class bioconversion projects.


We work with industrial partners to develop and operate sustainable agricultural feedstock supply chains for cellulosic bioconversion to biofuels, biochemicals and other bioproducts, including tree-free pulp for paper, packaging and building materials.

Pacific Ag?

Pacific Ag is North America’s largest crop residue harvest and supply company. We serve two primary customers: first, it is the individual growers for whom we provide residue management services after their grain harvest, and second, it is the downstream customer for whom we provide a crop residue product that matches their specifications and needs.

From our founding in 1998, we recognized the opportunity and potential of crop residue and other agricultural wastes as sustainable feedstocks, first as forage for animal protein markets and as a key ingredient for the compost in which commercial mushrooms are grown. In 2010 we recognized the significance of these feedstocks for bioenergy production and expanded across the country to serve both existing and new markets and applications.

Today with Pacific Ag Renewables, we are leveraging the importance of these feedstocks to forwardly integrate into building best-in-class bioconversion projects to develop and operate the production of low carbon fuels, packaging, textile fibers and other related market opportunities.

Pacific Ag gets in, gets the job done, and gets out, which is exactly what we needed.

Todd Mason

Grower | Goodwell, Oklahoma

Consistent Quality

By owning and operating the largest fleet of harvest equipment, we control every aspect of supply so you can expect consistent quality.

Consistent Cost

Our national footprint and large fleet of owned and operated equipment provides industry-best resource utilization rates, which both lowers and flattens the cost curve.

Consistent Quantity

With the largest grower network in the country, we’ve built supply so you can count on reliable, year-round delivery of feedstock in the quantity your operation demands.

Ag residue is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Why Ag Residue?

Decarbonizing the economy requires fundamental shifts in the ways we generate energy, produce goods, deliver services, and manage lands.

Let's Work Together

We grew up on family farms. We know what it means to work—and to work hard.
We also understand that agriculture is a people business, and in this business, relationships are everything.​


Ag residue is an essential renewable feedstock to power the new industrial revolution. It is abundant, renewable, and vastly underutilized.

Unleash the power of ag residue. 

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