Why Pacific Ag

Advantages for growers and markets

Pacific Ag is North America’s largest crop residue harvest and supply company. We serve two primary customers: first, it is the individual growers for whom we provide residue management services after their grain harvest, and second, it is the downstream customer for whom we provide a crop residue product that matches their specifications and needs.

From our founding in 1998, we recognized the opportunity and potential of crop residue and other agricultural wastes as sustainable feedstocks, first as forage for animal protein markets and as a key ingredient for the compost in which commercial mushrooms are grown. In 2010 we recognized the significance of these feedstocks for bioenergy production and expanded across the country to serve both existing and new markets and applications.

Today with Pacific Ag Renewables, we are leveraging the importance of these feedstocks to forwardly integrate into building best-in-class bioconversion projects to develop and operate the production of low carbon fuels, packaging, textile fibers and other related market opportunities.

PAR’s first commercial projects are to produce renewable natural gas that recycle farm wastes into renewable energy. Up to five large-scale plants are currently under development. PAR has also co-developed the first of a suite of integrated crop residue pulping to molded fiber production facilities that will produce sustainable, low carbon, plastic, and tree-free, compostable packaging products. 

Ag residue is abundant, renewable and vastly underutilized.

Grower Benefits

New Income Stream

Harvesting excess crop residue generates additional net income for the grower.

Connection to Markets

Pacific Ag provides ready demand for product, without the grower having to market it or deliver it.

Service and Sustainability Focus

We work one-on-one with growers to determine the right amount of residue to leave on the field to support long-term soil health and to integrate the residue harvest with their field preparation timeline.

An equipment fleet large enough to satisfy customer needs

We operate the largest fleet of biomass harvesting equipment in the U.S., ensuring availability of equipment to meet grower requirements and schedules.

Stack Movement

We operate Pacific Ag Logistics that steps in once the harvest is complete, (utilizing our PowerStock Pro supply chain system) to efficiently move the field stock product from the field’s edge to our market destinations.

Based on years of experience

Our residue management program is based on years of experience working directly with growers. We determine with each grower, field-by-field, the right amount of residue to harvest to ensure moisture and soil protection needs are met while optimizing the effectiveness of tilling, inputs and emergence.

Buyer benefits

A single point of contact

Working with Pacific Ag means having a single point of contact and accountability for the feedstock supply chain.

Experience and scale benefits

As the largest biomass harvesting and supply company in the U.S., our scale drives lower costs, and by moving our equipment and operators around the country, our year-round harvesting means we are always trained and ready.

Consistency and traceability

Because we conduct the harvest and manage all of the logistics, we’re able to ensure consistent quantity, quality, and cost for our customers.

Developing supply

For industrial projects requiring a dedicated feedstock supply, we can provide a series of supply chain development services including identifying the lowest cost feedstock supply, feedstock feasibility and risk assessments, as well as the development and operation of large scale supply chains once a site has been selected.

Supply chain management system

PowerStock ProTM combines grower contracting, relationship management, equipment operations, inventory storage and management, along with a full suite of reporting capabilities both for grower and end-use customers.

Optimized logistics

We operate Pacific Ag Logistics in tandem with our harvesting business to ensure a reliable, and least-cost delivery.

For the feedstock that we’re looking for to go to scale, which is agricultural residue…you need a sustainable and viable material supply chain. And at this point, that’s hard to come by…We are very fortunate to have a partner in Pacific Ag. They are a tremendous partner. They helped us figure out how to make that feedstock supply sustainable and how to make it cost effective.

Karel Kapoun

General Manager for Renewable Natural Gas at Shell

Our People

Pacific Ag is successful because of the genuine relationships we cultivate—and those relationships come from people working with other people, not companies merely “doing business” with one another. For us, business is a little more personal. It’s about trust. When we work together, we’re going to listen to you, develop plans together, and do what we say we’re going to do. For us, there’s just no other way.

Did You Know?

Pacific Ag is the only crop residue harvest and supply company with a national footprint.

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