Our Team

Leading From Experience

It’s about trust.

Pacific Ag is successful because of the genuine relationships we cultivate—and those relationships come from people working with other people, not companies merely “doing business” with one another. For us, business is a little more personal. It’s about trust. When we work together, we’re going to listen to you, develop plans together, and do what we say we’re going to do. For us, there’s just no other way.

Our management team represents more than 150 years of combined experience in the agriculture industry, and is constantly bringing market data and technological innovation to our efforts so we can become even better partners. In addition, we employ hundreds of people across the country. Most of them grew up in agriculture, and all of them understand the way we work.

Ours is a culture where character, integrity and respect matter—not just who you are on paper, but who you are in person.

Bill Levy

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Drake

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Reeder

Chief Operating Officer

Harrison Pettit

Chief Development Officer

Barbara Laflin Treat

President of Pacific Ag Renewables

Steve Van Mouwerik

Vice President of Grower Relations and Processing

Kerry Calaway

Vice President of Grower Relations and Sales

Sam Taylor

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Charles Martin

Vice President of Business Analytics

Zac Acock

General Manager of Production

Kipp Curtis

Regional Manager of Renewables