Sunnyside RNG

Turning Waste into Biofuel

The Project

Pacific Ag Renewables (PAR) is developing and will own and operate, Sunnyside RNG, a project to turn agricultural waste products into renewable natural gas (RNG). Agricultural crop residues and dairy manure from local farmers will be fed into a series of anaerobic digesters to produce methane that will be conditioned and upgraded prior to being injected into the interstate natural gas pipeline. Located on approximately 50 acres in Sunnyside, WA, Sunnyside RNG will produce approximately 900K MMBtus of RNG per year.


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Press Release

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Good for the Local Farmers

We offer local farmers the opportunity to reduce costs and increase revenue. For grain farmers, we offer an additional revenue stream by paying them for their residue after the  grain harvest. Dairy farmers can generate revenue by selling manure, and reduce costs associated with manure management and environmental compliance.

Good for the Community

When Sunnyside RNG is fully operational, it will create approximately 30 full time employment positions with an annual estimated payroll of $2 million. The facility will also help solve the challenges associated with dairy manure management by aggregating and processing the manure through our digestors. By working with many dairies, we generate a process with economies of scale that would otherwise be out of reach for individual, smaller dairies.  As such, we are a single point of accountability with professional management dedicated to compliance and best practices. This innovative approach creates both environmental benefits and provides more economic opportunity for the community.

Good for the Environment

Our innovative approach reduces both emissions AND pollution. We divert dairy manure from lagoons that otherwise would produce methane off-gasses; remove crop residue that might otherwise be burned or produce CO2 from decomposition; and replace fossil-based diesel with low-carbon, renewable natural gas as a biofuel for CNG fleets. Additionally, a biproduct of anaerobic digestion is an organic fertilizer that can replace the use of synthetic, petroleum-based fertilizers in the region.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process where organic matter is broken down by microorganisms creating two main products (biogas and digestate). The biogas can then be conditioned into renewable natural gas as well as other fuel types used for heat and transportation. Digestate can be used for fertilizer, livestock bedding or organic compost.

Where will your facility be located?

Our proposed facility is located in the Port of Sunnyside Industrial Park off of Sunnyside Mabton Road.

Did You Know?

Agriculture is the most important resource sector for decarbonizing our economy.

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